Let's help carps at E.Leclerc!
We need to act NOW to reduce
their suffering next season!

© Andrew Skowron

See how carps suffer

Why are we fighting to stop live carp sale now?

The biggest nightmare for carp takes place every year in December, but all contracts related to the sale of live carp will be signed in September, only a few short months away. Most of E.Leclerc’s stores have already given up on maintaining this infamous practice. However, there are still some stores that intend to sell live carps this Christmas or are delaying the decision. Therefore, we need to act NOW and convince representatives of these stores to follow the example of those that have stopped this practice.

Scientists have long proven that fish are capable of feeling pain, stress and suffering. In stores, they are kept in overcrowded, dirty tanks where they cannot move and slowly suffocate. Customers transport live carp home in plastic bags, often without water. The fish are also most often killed by people who have no knowledge of how to quickly end the long hours of their nightmarish ordeal in the least painful way.

Make Christmas a real time of mercy and ask the representatives of the other E.Leclerc stores to give up this cruel custom right now.

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